birthday gift for a 7 year old…

We were again busy attending open houses last weekend. However hubby asked me to limit the number of houses this time as he was exhausted with work this week. As much as I want to eat raya food, I have to tolerate as he came back home as late as 3.00am this week to finish his work proposal.

He still had to work last Saturday night so I decided to follow him since we have not bought our lovely niece, Tisya a birthday present and we are going to meet her the next day. Knowing Tisya, she will surely expect a birthday gift from us, kids nowadays! As hubby’s office iss at the Great Eastern Mall, I told hubby not to mind me but continue with his work as I can shop by myself for 2 hours. Well, If his office in KLCC, I don’t even mind if it was dragged to 4 hours haha:).

After doing a bit of grocery at Cold Storage, I headed to a toy shop, browsing collection of board games available. Last year we bought her this board game called ‘Connect-4’ which she liked. However it was really hard to decide what to buy for a 7-year old girl. She no longer plays toys like doll but not big enough to appreciate some complicated board games. I know she already has Scrabble at home which she yet learns how to enjoy. So I quit the toy shop and headed to MPH next.

The time was already 9.00pm so some shops start to close their door already. Luckily MPH was still open. I cepat cepat masuk, itulaa last minute baru nak carik hadiah! I faced the same difficulty there. A lot of interesting books were for toddlers, and the junior fiction books were still kind of thick for a 7-year old.

Tisya loves to read books since she was an infant so books which are labeled suitable for a 7-year old might not be challenging anymore for her. I can’t remember what I read when I was 7-year old. Did I already read Enid Blyton series at that time? Hmm tak ingat laa beb dah lama sangat hihi…

I was desperately browsing and suddenly I heard this conversation nearby.

“Myra, do you want this book?” [a lady was holding the Peter & Jane book and showing it to a young girl]

“Don’t want grandma. It’s too dry.” [the girl buat muka boring giler]

I looked at that girl. She looked almost the same height with Tisya. Perhaps the same age. She was clutching a High School Musical book at her hand. Well, okay…that’s it. Time was not on my side and other shops were closed so I was just going to follow this hint. I frantically looked for something similar coz it’s already 9.30pm. Nasib baik jumpa. A hard cover book titled a complete guide to High School Musical 1,2, and 3.

Beli and terus suruh cashier tu wrap. She said that was the last book even though the stock just came in. That’s a good sign. Probably because the movie just came out in theatre so tengah hit la sekarang nie. How am I supposed to know, we did not have such musical back in 90’s.

We gave Tisya the gift the next day. Luckily she loves it. In fact, she carried it with her the whole day. Even my other niece Alya (same age) insisted that we’ll buy her the exact same gift for her birthday next month. Oh ooo…hopefully the book will still be in stock then. I guess I have to thank that Myra girl for the marketing insight.

*Takziah to our dearest friend, Anuar Yusri for the unexpected loss of his father last evening, 27 Oct 2008. We felt very sorry for his loss and hopefully he remains a strong person as he usually is.


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