history @ primary school

I can’t believe some people are now suggesting we teach history at the primary school level. Although History is my favorite subject in school, and still is, I don’t think it is appropriate to get the youngsters starts memorizing facts at such a young age. (Knowing how the Malaysian education system is, I’m sure the syllabus will involve some memorizing).

Being exposed to the U.S education system, I prefer if we shifted the syllabus a bit to make it less exam-orientated. I’m not saying I am so pro-west and totally love their system. I am proud to say that we are generally better at subject like Math than them.

But being a pre-school teacher there for 4 years I discovered that kids there learned so much general knowledge (the kind that you see in ‘Are You Smarter Than The 5th Grader’ tv show) without being pressurized to memorize facts. They rather learn it through storytelling, songs, drama and arts. I found such method quite captivating.  

I do miss the preschool so much although it has been almost 5 years since I left the place. Sometimes I still browse through the drawings and artworks the kids gave me. In fact actually that was still considered the longest place I had ever worked with! (dekat Malaysia nie asik dok melompat kerja aje…).

Does that mean it was my happiest working place? Hmm…I could safely say so. Hubby knows how much I love the place. Sometimes he insists that I should go back to that route one day. Perhaps.


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