Love is such a wonderful feeling

I had a dream that I met mariam at a function. I hugged her, told her I missed her and that we all sayang her. But she did not talk back to me. She just smiled. Actually I dreamt of her quite frequently these days. Perhaps that’s what psychologist says untapped-feelings/inner feelings whatsoever.

Tapi takde lah macam dlm drama tv tu pulak dia pakai serba putih ke ape… Just a normal encounter of her. But she never talks back to me. Hmm, I wonder why…

Now at the 3rd trimester the ‘trouble sleeping’ problem contributes as well. I keep on changing my sleep position. Susah betul nak nyenyak macam dulu (a practice once the baby come out?), plus the leg crams. I tried my best to follow experts’ advice by lying on my left. Ask hubby how I proudly built my nest with 5 pillows and a blanket;)

On the other note, I got a chance to chat with hubby while he was in Jakarta. The feeling of waiting for him online is like a blast from the past – we used to chat with each other during our long distance relationship. The feeling of seeing him online – it’s priceless. Then hearing the ‘buzz’ sound when he texted you – another priceless one. Love is such a wonderful feeling, isn’t it

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