empty without you…

I was overly emotional last night. I can’t even justify myself. I was being unreasonable…well, actually VERY UNREASONABLE and selfish as well.

So pity to hubby had to tolerate my super-childish attitude. But I can’t help it. It’s just how I felt. It’s like a dam gate was suddenly opened and my tears flow non-stop. I can’t even understand or even explain myself.

Should I just blame it to the hormone?Well, the book did say my progestrone or/and estrogen (or something) has increased…yeah. lets blame it to that.

By the way, missed my soul mate so much. He is away for 3-days outstation (which could contribute a bit to my irrationale emotion). Life is so bored without him. The house feels so empty

Please be back safely! We miss you like crazy!!!


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