Aidilfitri 2008

This year raya celebration went well. Although earlier I told myself there will be no baju raya this year, hubby was so generous to buy for me three new apparels. He really pampered me sometimes. But I love it! No complain.

We headed back to hubby’s hometown on Saturday night so that we have a few days to break fast with his family. Alhamdulilah the road was smooth with no traffic jam. I guess a lot of people has left town. But unfortunately I was not as mobile as before. I found it was difficult to sleep in the car although I have brought with me 3 pillows. I guess life has changed now.

In the morning of Eid we ate the normal Perak’s dishes; lemang and rendang. I really missed my mom’s raya dishes but what to do; actually this year was supposed to be my turn but my mom went for umrah. Sabar yer tunggu tahun depan yer:). Anyway later that day hubby pulak tak sihat, sakit perut so tak dapat laa kitorang jalan jalan raya. Cian hubby coz dia nie bila dah sakit lambat sket nak sembuh.

The next day we all make a move back to KL with my in-laws. We stopped at Kuala Kangsar to visit hubby’s opah and other relatives. But the day was quite hot I started to feel dizzy. I guess the ‘not so nutritious’ raya dishes did not help either. Balik sampai KL terus rasa flat. But roads in KL were so smooth best giler rasanya. Pergi visit my mom sekejap; she just arrived from Jeddah that morning. Alhamdulilah she is well.

As usual, the raya fun in KL will just begin when raya celebration at kampung already ended. We started jalan jalan to visit relatives and friends. One of my auntie buat nasi dagang yang dah lama ku idam idamkan syiok betul! Almaklum now my appetite dah okay excited betul nak pergi jalan beraya! 🙂

Anyway, this year being the first raya at our own house, I was a bit kelam kabut when people datang raya. Iyerla, our house was very near with my mom. So bila relatives datang visit my mom there is a high probability they will stop by our house as well. Mula lah tercari2 air cordial, bekas kuih, etc.

Salam aidilfitri buat semua.
Pohon maaf atas segala kesilapan selama perkenalan kita.
Jemput datang rumah okay!!!


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