It breaks my heart…

I kept on thinking about my dear friend mariam.

When we had our grand re-union in year 2005, she was the one who was in charge of the programme book. I remembered how she ‘kelam kabut’ preparing the book and later copying it somewhere near UIA by herself. She also helplessly assisted Ika for the invitation cards. Almost everyday I was on the phone for hours with her discussing the details for the re-union. She is a very good listener.

For my wedding reception in KL, she was the one who helped iron my selendang coz I can’t focus my mind already at that hour. She also helped me surveyed the make-up artist and the cameraman for the wedding.

I went to UIA a few times to hang out with her during her college days. We even went to the college’s pasar malam. Once, we tapau chicken rice and had a picnic somewhere nearby with Tina. Then there was this one night, both of us and Ika even did something crazy there:- we chase a car coz the driver looks handsome. *sweet old times*

She is such a nice and selfless person. She belanja us at coffee bean with her first salary. She even called me to wish happy birthday this year even though she was seriously sick at that time.

We shared secrets together. Laughter and sadness.

 It really breaks my heart to hear she is suffering. I really wanted to be there for her…

 *This entry was written before we visited her last Sunday


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