another week passed

My office PC went hibernating for 2 days! I tried calling IT support many times but apparently they were too busy hence they only managed to visit my PC on the second day. They only took 5-minutes to repair it; if only they could consult me through phone like the Dell support, I won’t lose many precious hours! Usually I tried to do such things myself with help from my personal IT-lifeline, Nany but she was away now – working outstation at Auckland.

On the other note, hubby and I went to our dearest friends’ wedding in Klang last weekend. A big congratulation to them!!! As they are like one of our closest friends ever, we were there from noon till night to watch the whole ceremony: – solemnization, kenduri, and majlis berinai. Hubby even got a chance to ‘merenjis’. I think that was the first for him. The bride was such a good hostess by giving a house next door (It’s actually a kindergarten) for us to lepak2 for the day. Almaklumlah unlike the old days, some of us already have kids, mana tahan dah nak lepak bawah khemah pengantin lelama… One of the highlights in the evening was the roti canai booth. Very interesting, sedap pulak tu roti canai die:).

 Btw, my INCEIF result came out last week; alhamdulilah I scored A for another paper. Thanks to hubby, along and seypol who helped me. I was severely sick during the semester I can’t stay more than 5 minutes in front of the computer. Hence, I just lay down on the bed and sribbled down my assignment on a paper and they typed it for me the whole night. Where else can you find such a darling family members? Thanks guys!

my soulmate not feeling well:(

Hubby was not feeling well since yesterday. I always worried when this happen, because he has always been an energetic and active person. So when he is sick + quite + tired, I felt so kesian to him. Lucky I am already better (well, doctor said I can’t actually do hard work but at least mentally I am feeling better) to take care of him. Both of us have similar longing when we are sick – wanted to be in the arm of each other. I guess that’s why they named it soul mate.

I have not written anything on the current political wave as it is so mind-boggling to a right mind. So shameful! I don’t really care what is happening up there (who’s having the power and sitting on the throne) but I feel so saddened every time I was on the road facing traffic jam. Where was the supposedly ‘extra’ money saved from the recent fuel hike said to be used to improve our transportation???

I am extra mad to hear any sound of police escort during the traffic jam escorting some VIP people. For God sake, this should not be allowable anymore. It should be apply strictly for ambulance.

I really respect our Agung for not holding any celebration during his recent birthday. Ini baru lah betul ‘ubah cara hidup’. No titles given this time. Good. A slap on the face to some people. But newspapers not making any hu-ha about this – of how he demonstrates to the people that we should have less spending and celebration. Only now we can say ‘kepimpinan melalui teladan’. Well, I’m interested to see how the merdeka celebration this year goes.

Have a great weekend!

In my dream…


I went to hubby’s officemates wedding yesterday at Masjid Wilayah. It was the first official wedding invitation I managed to attend after being sick for a few months. I’m glad to be back – up and about meeting friends.

I have total of 5 wedding invitations this coming weekend. As happy as I am for the newlyweds, we cannot possibly attend all. The traffic jam in KL, hike in oil price, plus the heat we are currently experiencing (rumput kat rumah dah kering beb sebab kemarau…) are all amongst the factors that will not encourage us to travel much. Still, congratulations to all the newlyweds. May you have an amazing journey ahead 😉

Anyway, as I am feeling up and about again, last week we went to this one sport store to get something for me. I have wanted to buy this one thing for a long time (around 6 months ago) but due to some unforeseen circumstances only now we manage to go there.

However, it turned out that the thing was out of stock! And will never be re-stocked! Well, I should not be shock actually. Of course it will be out of stock by this time – it was 6 months ago since I first saw the thingy on the rack for God sake. But somehow I have a feeling it might still be there. How wrong I am.

Surprisingly tears fall down my cheek as if I have lost something… Isn’t it weird crying over something you never actually own? It’s not mine at the first place, why am I feeling sad about it? *Uggh* me being such a baby. Well, frankly speaking, it feels like I own that thing somehow… in my dream I guess.