I’m back!

Hi all! I’m back :). I had to be away from the net the last few months coz I was not feeling well. I hardly surf news; let alone logging into my facebook or fotopages. Alhamdulilah I felt better now. There has been so much going on in my life for the last few months. So much! Let see… Firstly, we have moved to our home sweet home last April. It is not fully-furnished yet, but it is perfect for us. For instance, I can’t believe how comfy our bedroom is. It just makes me want to cuddle with hubby all night long :). We are also blessed with the greatest gift ever. It’s like a perfect house-warming gift. I have also moved to a new job. It is the same industry, similar job scope (we could say exactly the same job scope) but with better salary. Alhamdulilah. Although resigning from the old place also meant I have to let go my last year’s bonus. Well, takde rezeki. But hubby got his bonus. Congratulations dear. I have also passed two papers for my CIFP, one with distinction. Yeayyy!!! I was so sick during the exam I did not expect any distinction. But there is still long way to go. Banyak lagik paper nak amik beb! My sister Sofia and her family have also moved back to her old house – same road with our house, jarak 10 buah rumah. This is very great news. It means ada kaki nak ajak makan, nak ajak main futsal, nak ajak swimming, nak tolong amik aku kat ofis, etc. Basically it means that help is nearby if we needed any. By the way, I don’t think I should continue my Sabah journey story as it has been more than 6 months gap since the journey. Bak kata orang cerita sudah lapuk:). But to those who looking for a place to travel, I definitely recommend Sabah and will be happy to give you tips on the place. Although actually our dear travel-mate, Ms Nurul Husna is the one who knows-all about Sabah. She’s no longer here in Malaysia though as she is now in NZ pursuing her study. Well, of course we are happy for her (dapat jalan jalan and pursue her dream) but at the same time kesian sama Along kena berpisah dgn teman rapatnya hihi… Bawak bersabar yer along. Orang kata 2 tahun tak lama. Huserz has started her own blog at http://fusuna.wordpress.com/ Well, actually the truth is I think to be apart with someone you love is very painful. My soul-mate and I separated for 4 years while I was pursuing my studies in States, and it was so painful. I could not bear picturing the overwhelming emotion again… Okie dokie. Talk later.