Discover Borneo: Day 4 – Sipadan, the untouched island

Woke up at 6.00am with a sound of sms. It was from my dear friend ayin. My cellphone is fully charged after a few hours out of battery. Seaventures bukan setakat ada power-point to charge handphone, internet pun ada so that Amin can check his facebook;). Lepas solat, Husna pulak message mintak panadol. Alamak tour guide kita dah pening kepala!

Lepas breakfast, terus gerak ke Sipadan. I’ve heard so much about Sipadan especially from my dear niece, Munie so I have very high hopes on it. According to Munie kalau dah sampai Sipadan, memang susah laa nak terpesona dgn pulau2 lain.

Sampai Sipadan, diving master daftarkan nama kitorang (there’s a limit how many people can be there in a day for environment purpose). Pulau tu cuma ada askar je. Diorang duduk situ 3 bulan, then tukar shift orang lain pulak. Lepas daftar, hantar angah and sorang lagi brader from Msia gak tempat diving. Aku excited coz diving master kate mmg confirm akan nampak turtle! Tapi nervous gak takut ombak kuat mcm semalam.

Lompat aje dari boat, WOWWWW WEEEE banyak giler ikan!!!!… MasyaAllah, memang akuarium semulajadi ciptaan Allah S.W.T. So peaceful and calm, only God knows how I felt that time. Such serenity.

First time nampak turtle tak perasan ape benda, ingatkan batu. Hubby pointed out to me 3 times only I realised! Rabunnya aku hehehe…. Me and hubby decided our own hand-sign to describe things underwater (sbb mulut takboley bukak kan). Such as ‘thumbs up’ means best and a big circle mean very big fish;)

Seriously, the turtle I saw is so different from pictures. Corak di badannya begitu detail and ada 2 ikan sibuk makan /jilat atas badan penyu tu betul betul depan mata. A priceless picturesque indeed. 

Among the fish species that we found are batfish, jackfish (which we actually had for dinner last night), fusiliers, dory fish, long fin banner fish, pinktail fish, shark!!!!, and my favourite the mandarin fish. It is so gorgeous I stared it for a very long time until hubby get boring. I’m actually not a fan of fish/aquarium/pond, so this whole thing is quite an experience to me.

Then we rest for half an hour at Sipadan Island (coz those divers have their time limit to be under the sea). Time tu kitorang dgn jakunnya mandi pantai, tak tahan siot air clear giler!!! Lepas tu sambung snorkling pulak, boat hantar kat tempat lain pulak. Kali nie lagik banyak school of fish and turtle. Hubby was so excited to go to the reef (tempat yg lagik dalam dan gelap siot), which I was so reluctant to go. Air die sejuk lain macam kat situ!

There was one big turtle swam right in front of me, I feel like hopping on its body (mcm nemo hehehe). Tapi hubby tak kasik kejar turtle tu in case die takut. Then hubby tunjuk sign ‘time out’. Alaaa…taknak balik….! isk isk…

We have to leave the amazing Sipadan. Back at Seaventures at noon, terus mandi, makan, pack barang (someone mistakenly hang our dry clothes instead of the wet one!), and depart to Semporna….bye bye Sipadan.

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