Discover Borneo: Day 2 – At the Mountain High

The journey from Kudat to Kundasang was smooth. Kali nie hubby drive coz jln bukit bukau and kemungkinan kabus tebal. On d way to Kundasang, we stopped by at Kota Belud for dinner. Angah once again so attempted to eat KFC, but we were so reluctant of that choice (macam laa KL takde KFC). We finally ate the normal ‘goreng2’ food at a restaurant along the main road. (sbb nampak ramai orang kat situ).

Although the road to Kundasang was very hilly, a lot of lorries gave their ways to us, the small kancil;). Thanks to them. Sepanjang perjalanan boley nampak banyak pembangunan hotel separuh jln je. I guess they don’t have the permits. Arrive at Kinabalu Park at 10.00pm. So tired jadi terus solat and tidur. Nak amik air semayang mengigil sbb air sejuk mcm ais peti!

We have the whole dorm by ourselves so mmg convenient giler. Although everyone have their own bed, me and hubby shared a bed. Sejuk siot mana boley tido sorang hehehe…

The next morning hubby woke me up to watch sunrise around 5.00am. Tapi bila nampak angah still dalam selimut, aku meng-volunteerkan diri utk stay kat bilik dengan angah huhu. Rather, we woke up at 7.00 am ready to eat breakfast. The breakfast was quite good, variety of food. Husna asked us all to fill up as there probably won’t be any lunch. Along kena marah ngan Husna sbb tanak makan hehe… (coz Along strictly on diet now).

Next we went to Timpohon Gate, the entry to climb the Mount Kinabalu. There are 2 entries, Timpohon and Mesilau. Mesilau lagik jauh perjalanannya tapi pemandangannya lebih cantik. Last year Angah and Along went through Mesilau and came back through Timpohon. Angah cerita masa jalan balik lalu Timpohon tu, memang jalan menurun je….Tengok2 bila sampai dekat dgn gate, kena daki balik..rasa nak nangis je sebab dah penat giler. I can imagine that hehe…

There’s a trail for a Mountain View (230 metres) and Waterfall View (120 metres) near the Timpohon Gate. We all climbed up the trail (tak dpt naik gunung pun at least panjat laa gak sket). But my laziness kicked me so hard, baru panjat dlm 20 langkah, I gave up and patah balik. It was so tiring! Seriously, 120 metres was so damn tired if it went vertically!

I was thinking I am so unfit, I can’t climb Mt Kinabalu with this attitude…damn. Anyway, I waited them down the trail nearby our cars. There were a few workers arrived and packed their stuff ready to climb. Suddenly I felt regret I didn’t take the car keys from hubby. Takut plak kat workers tu sebab semua lelaki kan. (plus I just watched this horrifying movie titled ‘The Accused’ where the main character was gang-raped at the bar). Lucky nothing happened and the others came back down shortly.

Hubby as usual, beramah mesra with those workers. They were actually packing cement to bring up to Laban Rata (the last pit stop before you reach Mt Kinabalu). They took about 3-4 hours to climb to and fro. Terer giler. I’m sure their salary is not that high as many so called ‘orang bukit’ can perform such task.

From Timpohon Gate, we went back to our hostel. Packing barang and check out. We then drove to Ranau, for a visit to the Poring Hot Spring. Sampai sana, we proceed to the Canopy Walkway. Kena bayar RM3 and along’s camera kena bayar extra. Tinggi siot 41 meter, gayat laa gak. Dahlah nak naik atas tu kena panjat gak…asik berjalan / memanjat jer kat Sabah nie, sebab tu laa asik lapar je 😉.

Lepas naik Canopy Walkway ingat nak carik Langanan Waterfall yang tersohor tu. Cantil giler orang kate sebab 7 tingkat! Rupanya tempat tu jauh giler lagik ke dalam, kalau jalan guard tu kate 2 jam! (taktau laa rate 2 jam tu standard orang bukit ke orang KL hehe…) We did not think we can make it as we need to catch a bus later this evening. So we decided to go to the nearer one, Kipungit Waterfall. Guard tu kate 15 minit tapi aku rasa cam sentengah jam jer hehehe…

Sampai waterfall tu ape lagik, terjun laa dah penat trekking lah katakan. Sejuk giler siooott!!! Mcm masuk peti ais my mom! Mmg air die jernih giler la. Confirm bersih aaa…Mandi sambil menikmati buah tarap yg Husna beli. 1st time makan buah tu, rasa mcm cempedak.

Lepas puas berendam, gerak blk ke K.K. Husna kate ikut signboard Tamparuli-Tuaran-K.K. (how she remembers Sabah’s geography I wonder…). A lot of cars on the road, especially white kancil cars. Pelik gak, maybe semua tu kereta sewa kot? Plus almost all car plates began with SAA, which make us even confused which one was our own car huhu…

Minyak fuel warning again, so we stopped by Tamparuli to filled up. Angah kate Marsha datang dari situ la. A very small district. No wonder ramai yg pergi cari rezeki kat KL.

Next we stopped at Tuaran to eat lokan bakar and ais-kelapa puding. It was the 2nd time for me as Husna has brought me there before. Tapi rasa kelapa puding kali nie lagik sedap + sejuk hehe (Instead of puding tu disimpan dlm bekas, ia disimpan dlm buah kelapa hence the name Ais Kelapa Puding). Lepas melantak lokan, perut we all still lapar especially Amin. So Husna bawak ke Taman KKIP nearby USM utk makan (makan aje kerja kitorang nie…). Sekali lagik kitorang dinasihatkan utk makan kenyang2 sbb malam nie takde dinner. Amin cuba nak order pasembur tapi waiter tu tak paham hahaha….

Pastu kitorang singgah Petronas utk sembahyang. Husna told all of us that every Petronas station have a prayer room, which hubby declined to believe. He said his going to check this fact with his friend whom working at Petronas Dagangan. Till this blog is written, he has not yet check this fact so I guess Husna’s right for now 🙂 Well, at least all the Petronas stations that we went in Sabah have prayer room.

Not only Petronas station but we also discovered that a lot of restaurants in Sabah also have prayer room for its customers. Very convenient.

Finally we arrived at the bus station ready to board the bus to Semporna. Aku risau giler nak naik bas nie coz Angah cakap her last ride to Semporna was like ‘hell’. The road was bumpy yet the bus was so fast. Plus, the driver pasang lagu dangdut for the whole 9 hours journey!

Coming up: Day 3: From Mountain High to Ocean Deep


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