off to Borneo

I really liked Jac + Lah performance last weekend for AJL. They were really superb. Best giler, reminded me of the duet performance from Jac with Taufik of Singapore. You can watch it from You Tube. Simply terrific.

On the other note, we went and watched KL Futsal 5 yesterday. Brazilians were so first-class! They were very tactical, fast, and surprisingly good looking, too. More towards ‘Kaka’ features rather than Ronaldo or Ronaldinho. Totally worth me paying RM13 for the ticket. Oh nope, that was hubby’s money. Thanks hubby. 😉

I’m off to Sabah this CNY holidays. We will explore Kota Kinabalu, Tawau, Sandakan and Semporna. Happy New Year all!


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