2008 resolutions

My NY resolutions have always been the same every year. Things like 1)I will not miss my prayer, 2) I will obey Allah S.W.T, 3) To be a good muslimah, 4) I will not gain weight.

But then think about it, actually these are more like the objectives why God created me in this world. Those are the things I must do as a muslim (EXCEPT no. 4 of coz).

So I thought this year I want specific resolutions. Ones that are measurable, achievable and consistent with my objectives in life. So, I’ve outlined my 2008 resolutions as follows:

1. To read one new book each month (exclude study-related books)

2. To play futsal twice in a month

3. To write in this blog every week

4. To drink water 2 bottles a day

5. To call/write to an old-friend every month

6. To donate to charity/poor every month

7. To recite Quran every day

8. To reduce 5 kg of my weight

There you go…8 resolutions for year 2008! Good luck girl;)


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