missing Sharlinie…

Another child went missing. Thankfully, this time the news hit the media earlier than Nurin’s case. However now 3 days has passed since she’s missing and still there’s no news of her wherabout.

It might be the same culprit behind Nurin’s case, it might be a totally different case. It’s unlikely though this is a kidnap-for-money case as the girl comes from average family background. Although I don’t have a daughter yet on my own, I can imagine how stressful + worried + sad + regret the parents are.

I honestly worried who will take care of our child one day. So far the options that I see aren’t that favourable, either the not-so-trustworthy maid or expensive nursery. Ugggh…

I really hope one day….

-Nurin Alert will take place in Malaysia.

-Women in Malaysia can work from home for 2 years after they deliver the babies and can still climb the corporate ladder. Fat chance?

-Corporates still hire those degree-holders who become housewives for 5 years to look after their kids. (I know in Wisconsin they have this)


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