Happy Eid

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha

I’m celebrating in KL this year. It was simple and fun. As usual, we ate non-stop and play with the nephews and nieces. They are so lucky to have us as uncles and aunties. I don’t remember if I have one that so rajin to layan me when I was a child.

And now that we are exhausted, we chased them out of the room to their parents:)

I’m quite excited for the year 2008 to come. There are new challenges to face. We are moving into our own home sweet home soon, my INCEIF class will start this January, and some other wonderful things might take place. Hopefully everything goes well. Ya Allah, please let everything goes well.

Btw, go watch I AM LEGEND. It is soooo goood!!!

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