following Ms X

I was thinking over this phone call I received from Ms X two days ago. I asked her why she called, and she said “I call you for no reason. Just want to ask how I’m doing”.

We chit chat for a while and promise to catch up more over lunch or dinner soon. And now I was thinking, I hardly do that to anyone. Well, I think I am a good friend. The one you can talk to and give advises. But I will not be the one who call them out of the blue and ask how are you doing?. Very seldom I do that.

Not because I don’t remember them. I remember clearly each and everyone of my friend with their memories attached to it. There was S that sneaked with me to the vending machine during prep-time. There was E who braided my hair. There was V who used to play black magic with me.

Well, there are countless memories of happy+sad+touching+heartbreaking with my friends which would make me quite a great companion around someone. But I am not that good in ‘keeping in touch’ with those friends who are already apart (of course I wrote it on the farewell card, but everyone wrote that on the card *sigh*).

I am not sure why is that. Perhaps I’m lazy? shy? ego? nothing to talk about? But what Ms X did actually brought smile to my face that day when I hear her voice. So I was thinking perhaps I can do the same ~ bring smile to my friends when they hear my voice. It can be my new year resolution, perhaps;)


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