Year 2007 has a lot of wonderful memories for me, and I thank Allah for every bit of it. It began with a very good start. I’ve added another job responsibility in my career. It is something new and quite tough to both of us (me and Ayin). Luckily our dear boss was very smart and understanding, he coached us the best he could. He’s one of the best bosses one could have.

I managed to drawdown one of my portfolios in January, making it the first drawdown for the bank this year. As always, the drawdown process was very challenging, but so satisfying when the money was in the client’s bank. Alhamdulilah, I also received the first bonus after working at the bank for 1.5 years. It was an unexpected amount, and we decided to invest most of it and spend the rest;).

Early 2007 also marked another career leap for hubby. He moved to a consultant engineering company. I am truly happy for him. I believe it’s very important for someone to be passionate and excited over his work as it comprises more than 8 hours of your daily life. Many people have no such luck in finding their dream job, and I’m glad hubby has found his.

We moved out from our rented-house in Bukit Jalil as hubby has changed job to Ampang and there’s no point to commute when mom’s house has 4 empty bedrooms. I cried on the moving day as it was heartbreaking to leave that place. We had so much great memories there as a newly-married couple. Those who just get married surely know what I meant;).

As hubby and I both love to travels, we usually made efforts to travel every year. The first year was Bali, next was Cambodia. However this year we have to postpone any travel plan due to work commitment. Nevertheless, we use the extra money to pay a down-payment to buy our own home-sweet-home. It is a one storey terrace house which is strategically located (so near my mom house) and feels like just-nice for us. We will move in early next-year, InsyaAllah. Thanks to everyone that help us tremendously throughout the buying process (our parents, auntie, sisters, bro-in-law, Nany, etc).

Still, I managed to travel a bit. I went with my colleagues to Sabah a few times for a business trip. Thanks to dear Huserk who brought me around. I also went to Tawau one time. Wow, the seafood there was the best!!! Sedap bangat!!! Sabah was such a great place to go to and I plan to go there again with my hubby next time.

We also went to Melaka, Terengganu, and Penang with a group of close friends. Thanks to Anuat for BNM’s nice and clean apartments. Terengganu’s batik are so nice! Definetely will go there again😉 (please bring me there again hubby dearie).

We went to see the fireflies @ Kuala Selangor with Anuat and Jeehan. MasyaAllah, it is something every Malaysian has to see once in a lifetime. It was amazing scenery one could not capture into a camera. Seriously, you can’t capture it with whatever NIKON you have.

We also joined a Treasure-Hunt from KL – Malacca this year. It was a first time thing for us and 2 of my colleagues. It was surprisingly fun. Although tiring and mind-cracking, we work very well as a team. Bravo mates!

Our trip to Genting to watch BlackEyedPeas was perfect. Simply PERFECT. We really enjoyed all the songs. They are amazing performers with so much passion in music. Each of them are truly unique, and I now has become Taboo‘s newest fan! Hopefully they’ll return to Malaysia.

Two of my best friends cum colleagues moved to another workplace. It was sad not having them around to talk to everyday, but we still remain good friends and I’m happy for their career advancement. There were also one person I dislike move out, so that was great news. (I feel bad to feel happy about it, but I can’t hide feeling jovial). *Guilty*.

Year 2007 marked a lot of friends’ weddings in my calendar as well. We tried to attend all the invitations and I am very sorry to those that we can’t make it. Congratulations to AV, Aloesnisa, Zaini, Yati-er, Zainun Nur, Mazu, Pyan, Goebeck, Sharifah, Atika, Ikarastika, Amyra, Nurul Hidayah, Azura, Shahida, Hazreena, Afza, Nurwahidarahmi, Bad, Shidan, Saravanan, Mcgyver, etc. May you and your partner enjoy every moment of having each other.

Some of them even got lucky enough to get a baby this year. Congratulations moms and dads!!! We also get a new nephew this year, Mohamad Syahir, and two of our sisters will deliver early next year. So prepare to give more duit raya!

Of course, year 2007 is indeed a very happy year for Red Devils. We won the Championship!!! What a perfect year. As icing for the cake, we also won the EPL games with the old rivals, Liverpool. Well, remember that day when our friends came over to watch the game at our apartment and the Devils won? Such a great memory for me personally. Not for hubby, though;).

Thanks for those who made our year 2007 meaningful and happy than ever. (Mind you, that includes Sir Alex Ferguson). Haha!


Happy Eid

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha

I’m celebrating in KL this year. It was simple and fun. As usual, we ate non-stop and play with the nephews and nieces. They are so lucky to have us as uncles and aunties. I don’t remember if I have one that so rajin to layan me when I was a child.

And now that we are exhausted, we chased them out of the room to their parents:)

I’m quite excited for the year 2008 to come. There are new challenges to face. We are moving into our own home sweet home soon, my INCEIF class will start this January, and some other wonderful things might take place. Hopefully everything goes well. Ya Allah, please let everything goes well.

Btw, go watch I AM LEGEND. It is soooo goood!!!

following Ms X

I was thinking over this phone call I received from Ms X two days ago. I asked her why she called, and she said “I call you for no reason. Just want to ask how I’m doing”.

We chit chat for a while and promise to catch up more over lunch or dinner soon. And now I was thinking, I hardly do that to anyone. Well, I think I am a good friend. The one you can talk to and give advises. But I will not be the one who call them out of the blue and ask how are you doing?. Very seldom I do that.

Not because I don’t remember them. I remember clearly each and everyone of my friend with their memories attached to it. There was S that sneaked with me to the vending machine during prep-time. There was E who braided my hair. There was V who used to play black magic with me.

Well, there are countless memories of happy+sad+touching+heartbreaking with my friends which would make me quite a great companion around someone. But I am not that good in ‘keeping in touch’ with those friends who are already apart (of course I wrote it on the farewell card, but everyone wrote that on the card *sigh*).

I am not sure why is that. Perhaps I’m lazy? shy? ego? nothing to talk about? But what Ms X did actually brought smile to my face that day when I hear her voice. So I was thinking perhaps I can do the same ~ bring smile to my friends when they hear my voice. It can be my new year resolution, perhaps;)