Although 2008 is still around 2 months away, I have many plans already for that year. One of the most important event is I’m going to start my part-time study. Back to study after 4 years!!! Quite excited + nervous.

I wanted to do it since last year but keep on postponed it due to money and time constraint. But after thinking through, money and time are never enough rite. Plus, there’s no waste when we talking about education. Enhancing yourself with knowledge is always good.

Another thing, we are going to move into our own house next year. InsyaAllah. I’m not a Martha Stewart kind, but still quite excited to decorate our own home sweet home;).

Anyway, on a different note, we went to the BLACK EYED PEAS concert in Genting last week. After watching them at the Force of Nature concert, I certainly won’t miss this one. Well, it was SPECTACULAR and really really FUN.

All of them are very energetic, spontaneous, and each have their own unique style. They sang A LOTTTT OF SONGS!!!! Totally worth it. Will and Fergie sang their solo songs, too. Can’t wait for Taboo to come out with his own solo album after this!! Taboo is so cool! Black Eyed Peas rules!




Ever since I was a baby girl I had a dream
Cinderella theme
Crazy as it seems
Always knew that deep inside that there would come that day
But I would have to wait
Make so many mistakes
I couldn’t comprehend
As I watched it unfold
This classic story told I left it in the cold
Walking through an open door that led me back to you
Each one unlocking more of the truth

I finally stopped tripping on my youth
I finally got lost inside of you
I finally know that I needed to grow
And finally my mate has met my soul

Now my destiny can begin
Though we will have our differences
Something strange and new is happening
Now my life doesn’t seem so bad
It’s the best that I’ve ever had
Give my love to him finally

I remember the beginning you already knew
I acted like a fool
Just trying to be cool
Fronting like it didn’t matter
I just ran away
And on another phase
Was lost in my own space
Found what its like to hurt selfishly
Scared to give of me
Afraid to just believe
I was in a jealous, insecure, pathetic place
Stumbled through the mess that I have made

Finally got out of my own way
I’ve Finally started living for today
I finally know that I needed to grow
And finally my mate has met my soul

It is seldom I quote a song in my journal. But this one really caught my mind. It’s make me remember how much I really love my hubby dearie. Isn’t love a perfect gift to human being? Love you hubby! [It’s by Fergie, titled Finally. Check it out].