another missing kid…

I just wrote about Nurin Alert yesterday, and today I read in NST another 10 year old child has gone missing when she went out alone to nearby pasar malam at Penang.

Well, the shocking bit of information to me is the child was missing since Monday!!! And I only knew it today (thursday). For those who did not read NST, maybe they still don’t know it…By the time the public at Penang know this stories (which then can help to be the police’s ear and eyes), it might be too late….

That’s why we need a system to spread the information fast! Information + public are very powerful to curb crime. Hopefully Nurin Alert will be in place soon in Malaysia. Hopefully…


Happy Hari Raya

Selamat Hari Raya!

Alhamdulilah, the raya celebration went well. We balik kampung, sembahyang raya, gave duit raya and eat a lot of food. And now we are back in KL it’s time to attend all the open house invitations! So glad people are nice and rajin to do open house. Sometimes it’s the only place you meet old friends and catch up stories, and of course the good food.

As usual, I’ll gain weight during hari raya month. At least 1-2kg. *sigh* Ironically I dont lose weight during ramadhan.

A lot of things happened this Ramadhan. Glad talks about Nurin Alert is going around. Hope it will become reality. It’s about a system to track missing kids effectively (adopted from Amber Alert system in US). I really like the idea that once the child is missing, the news will be broadcast in radio/tv/billiboard/mobile phones immediately.

I believe this will help a lot as from what I read, Nurin’s parents took a lot of time trying to contact all newspapers and tv stations. Through Nurin Alert, information can spread so much faster. Amber Alert has saved a lot of lives. Check it out at

Btw, check out also Nurin’s uncle blog where the discussion about Malaysian own Nurin Alert is going on.

Happy Hari Raya.