his kampung, my kampung

One thing that I was afraid of before getting married is the fact of having a “new” family and “new” kampung.

Working in the office environment and having a lot of sisters, I have heard more than one not so nice stories about “not wanting to balik his kampung”, “probs with the MIL”, etc etc from the women of the world.

As someone who can be considered ‘shy’ amongst those who don’t know me, I was quite afraid I will be facing the same problem. Hence before married, I made hubby promised not to leave me alone whenever at his kampung. (Sth like cannot go to kedai without me).

Plus, I’m afraid his kampung won’t suite me as…

1. I do not recognize fruit trees except for papaya and banana (he got 4 acres of kebun buah at his kampung).

2. I do not recognize spices that is not in the labelled bottle.

3. I do not recognizes type of fish except anchovies.

Anyway, hubby promised to me more than 10 times to always accompany me hence I felt so much better to balik kampung the first time. Throughout the years, he keeps to his promise. He never push me in doing anything I’m not comfortable with, and so are my parents-in-law.

Well, amazingly I discovered that although his kampung does not sync with my lifestyle, it has naturally suites me. I love the food, the weather, his parents, the small town, etc. It feels like my hometown now. Not that I don’t like my own hometown (KLCC is still my first hometown haha), but now I have two hometowns. Aren’t that great.

When people ask where I’m going to celebrate this coming raya, I could proudly say “my hometown” instead of sulkily answered “his hometown”.

 I’m glad.

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