tired larrrr

Everything is snowballing now. I have unhappy client screaming, new clients knocking on the door, so-called friendly party on the phone; all in all give me zero time to finish my paperwork.

To add to my misery, we need to pack to move to another floor by next week and I have not done a single thing!

I have no time for my social obligation either. I missed my old friends lepak2 that day.

I have 3 weddings to attend this weekend and have not buy any gift yet!

I’m so tired and exhausted. Feels like resting in front of my tv for the whole weekend tomorrow.

But tomorrow is a big day ~ my high-school roomate’s wedding day. And REALLY REALLY needs to be there. Hmm…all I wanted to do now is go out to shop and buy her gift, and my own baju for that day!!! UGhhh…

Plus my sister is coming from Kelantan tonight with my house in a mess….

 I need to take leave….

 But when I come back, my work will pile double than before. So HOW?



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