Both of us received wonderful news end of last month. YEAYYYY Double Celebration!!!!

Alhamdulilah Thanks to Allah S.W.T for the rezeki and nikmat-Nya.

August is going to be a hectic month. 3 of my bestfriends are going to get married this month. Three of them!!! OMG, we are getting old, huh.

I have wedding invitations every weekend, so I guess I’m buying a lot of Aussino! My work keep on piling up like a never-ending story. Lucky I get a new + very fun boss, so my work environment remains nice.

My two nieces from London is coming back home for hols so have to ‘layan’ them as well. Time to pick up some british slang, huh.

Then I have to ganti my puasa. Already started, but still long way to go. hahaha…Have no time to shop for ‘kain’ for the baju raya, so hopefully there is a boutique that sells a perfect baju for me. Or else I’ll have nothing new to wear this year.

Anyway, whatever it is,I’m going to start this August month with lots of smile + happiness in the air:).

As my mentor paste it on my brain:-

“Your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy”


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