Merdeka 50th

Happy 50th Merdeka Day!!!

With Merdeka fever everywhere, I suddenly questioned myself what I like in Malaysia and why I’m proud of being a Malaysian. It took me quite sometimes to answer it. A few days actually. *sigh*

It’s not that I don’t like the country. It’s just…Now that I’m working after 4 years being overseas, I get to see the more true colors of Malaysia. I get to face the traffic jam everyday, the polluted environment and sea, to see people’s attitude towards public facilities and disabled, lacking customer service, corruption, etc, etc.

Not that I’m not grateful, but it is still quite a blow to discover such things still happening in your country.

Well, after watching the final PestaBola Merdeka @ Stadium Shah Alam (Congrats guys!!! Glad I went to watch), I really think these are the things that made me glad I’m a Malaysian:-

1. The peace and harmony. No war. Me being able to go to work, to shop, to travel peacefully. Priceless.

 2. The multicultural. It looks like it ain’t a big deal, but after seeing other countries, you’ll realised this is something really unique about Malaysia.


tired larrrr

Everything is snowballing now. I have unhappy client screaming, new clients knocking on the door, so-called friendly party on the phone; all in all give me zero time to finish my paperwork.

To add to my misery, we need to pack to move to another floor by next week and I have not done a single thing!

I have no time for my social obligation either. I missed my old friends lepak2 that day.

I have 3 weddings to attend this weekend and have not buy any gift yet!

I’m so tired and exhausted. Feels like resting in front of my tv for the whole weekend tomorrow.

But tomorrow is a big day ~ my high-school roomate’s wedding day. And REALLY REALLY needs to be there. Hmm…all I wanted to do now is go out to shop and buy her gift, and my own baju for that day!!! UGhhh…

Plus my sister is coming from Kelantan tonight with my house in a mess….

 I need to take leave….

 But when I come back, my work will pile double than before. So HOW?



My heart beats fast when I heard ppl talked about their first love. Not once or twice, but ALWAYS.

It makes my adrenaline runs faster than the olympic runner.

It’s like I’m going through a time tunnel to the past. Then I started to remember everything. Everything about my FIRST LOVE.

His eyes, his laugh, his smile, his comfort, his tears, his jokes, his letters. EVERYTHING was so vividly clear in my mind like it was only yesterday that we fell in love.

I thank Allah for giving me chance to taste the FIRST LOVE.

And I’m glad that people talked about it so that I won’t forget my own wonderful memories…


Both of us received wonderful news end of last month. YEAYYYY Double Celebration!!!!

Alhamdulilah Thanks to Allah S.W.T for the rezeki and nikmat-Nya.

August is going to be a hectic month. 3 of my bestfriends are going to get married this month. Three of them!!! OMG, we are getting old, huh.

I have wedding invitations every weekend, so I guess I’m buying a lot of Aussino! My work keep on piling up like a never-ending story. Lucky I get a new + very fun boss, so my work environment remains nice.

My two nieces from London is coming back home for hols so have to ‘layan’ them as well. Time to pick up some british slang, huh.

Then I have to ganti my puasa. Already started, but still long way to go. hahaha…Have no time to shop for ‘kain’ for the baju raya, so hopefully there is a boutique that sells a perfect baju for me. Or else I’ll have nothing new to wear this year.

Anyway, whatever it is,I’m going to start this August month with lots of smile + happiness in the air:).

As my mentor paste it on my brain:-

“Your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy”