my great companion

We were so damn busy last month. Me and hubby were in and out KL almost every week for work, and of course NOT TOGETHER! One week after another, we keep on postponing everything we planned to do, i.e clean the house, watch movies, shopping, pay the bills, hang out, etc.

This is what I hate most of my job. Going out-station and leaving my home sweet home behind. I don’t want people to think me as such a queen control or cry-baby, but the truth is I really have to have him by my side. At least at night!

Hence when we are quite free this month, I just can’t help but ‘berkepit’ with him almost every moment!

And he was kind enough to layan all my karenah. I felt so lucky to have him as my companion in life.

It feels so good to pray together with him, to cook for him, to have him help with dishes and he even helps me wash my own hand when I’m in my ‘manja mood’.

 Thank Allah for giving me such a great companion. Semoga Allah panjangkan umur kami, in our journey pursuing the ‘happyness’ in life…

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