~Songs Around Me~


List 3 of your Kindegarten’s Nursery Ryhmes which you can still remember
1. Baa Baa Black Sheep
2. One, Two, Three Little Indian
3. Are you Sleeping

Primary School Songs?
1. Kereta kecil warna merah
2. Saya ada seorang kawan, namanya Ah Meng

Favorite Songs you can still remember in primary school time?
Well, there’s this Sinar Mentari di Korea from Raja Ema. (masa tu ada sukan ke ape yek?) Then later came Exists. Of course Isabella-Search.

Favorite Songs you can still remember in high school time?
Well, there was Roxette which I like so much. Then there were KRU and Feminin (alaa poyo pulak rasa hehe…). We even went to KLCC to watch KRU performed, and I have this big poster in my hostel locker. *Sigh*
There was also Timmy Thomas’s song which I like so much that time (until now). And later No Doubt – Don’t Speak. Ooohh I love that song so much…

Favorite Songs in college
Hmm..this period was like music really all around me. It was like 24hr access to internet (napster time!) and watching MTV channel all the time.
Some of my favs were BSB – Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely. NSync – Bye Bye Bye. Christina – Genie in A Bottle. Eminem – The Real Slim Shady. 50 Cents – In Da Club

You hate the song when you first heard it, but then you like it
Hmmm, I think Jason Mraz – Remedy

You love the song when you first heard it, but then you hate it
Can’t think of any

Songs relates to your love relationship?
Haha…quite a lot…amongst the memorable one:-
Chantal – Leaving on a jet plane
Bad English – When I See you Smile
Shania – You’re Still The One

Songs relate to your friendship?
F.R.I.E.N.D.S theme song.
Vitamin C – Graduation

Favorite Soundtrack
Coyote Ugly, 8 Miles, Beauty and the Beast.

Favorite song in a movie / tv series
Can’t Fight The Moonlight (Coyote Ugly), How Do I Live (Con Air), It Must Have Been Love (Pretty Woman). And I found that Smallville plays good soundtrack too. Also Jac – Wajah for the Bersamamu TV3 slot.

Songs that made you cry
No Doubt – Don’t Speak. (everytime!)

Favorite karaoke songs
Ratu – Teman Tapi Mesra
Melly – Ku Bahagia
Jinbara – Kasih Laila

All time (evergreen) favorite songs
B.Eyed Peas – Where Is The Love
Innuendo – Belaian Jiwa (but have to sing by them, other singers spoilt the song!

Favorite ring tone
Shakira – Hips Don’t Lie

Favorite caller-ring tone
Nelly – Promiscuous

Current favorite songs
Blondie – One Way or Another



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