talking to myself

I realised that…

 *I really need to hug my hubby at least once a day or else I’ll go crazy.

 *I need to clean my table before I can start my work for the day.

 *I feel like eating sushi rite now.

 *Or perhaps eat maggi instant noodle?

 *Or I should just skip dinner. Sounds more logic since I’m on diet now. Will eat sushi during the weekend *wink wink* (suddenly remembered the last time me, hubby and nany ate RM100 worth of sushi, kenyang giler!)

 *I got streamyx now at home, but still no time to blog frequently like the old time..too bad *sigh*

 *My august calendar is already fulled with friends’ wedding.

 *Going to watch Harry Potter soon. More excited on the last book, though.

 Okie dokie, want to watch re-run of FRIENDS Season 8. It is the season where Rachel got pregnant


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