my life path

Feel the summer-y mood hence I thought of changing the layout. Here are me and hubby relaxing by the beach, haha…

After a very busy schedule this month, I’m a bit free today hence I took time to surf my own journal. (takde kerja ke kawan?) haha…Well, it’s actually a good thing to do this once in a while.

Through this journal, I can see myself transform; in terms of the way you think and what you do in life. It is some kind of an illustration of my life path; me transforming from being a TEENAGER to an ADULT, from being a GIRLFRIEND to a WIFE, and from being a STUDENT to a CAREER WOMAN.

I managed to capture into writing some happiness around my life. There were birthday celebrations, weddings, gathering, but there were sadness i.e failure, bickering and funerals.

It’s a bit funny to read about my crazy and rebellious teenager’s life. i.e screaming like crazy for stars like BSB, Tom Cruise, Too Phat, even Vin Diesel? *uggghh*. That feels weird now. Guess I’m turning adult now? Haha.

But there are still a lot of things in my life remains unchanged, such as the fact that I keep on missing my hubby (my then boyfriend) especially if I can’t talk to him for one whole day! Then there is the fact that I love ice-cream, love watching movies and sports, shopping, and how I adore kids.

There was this part in my student’s life where I have to stay up to study and finished my home-works. There was also my enjoyment in writing papers for assignment purposes. Then there were QUIZZES and EXAMS!!! Tons of it! pressured I was during that time, only God knows. I still remembered my actuarial quiz will fall on Friday, which sucks coz Thursday nite is not a study-nite in Madison. People actually begin to party that nite.

I realised I wrote a lot about my Preschool, the kindergarten I worked part-time during college, but very seldom write much about my current workplace. Hmm..why is that, I wonder. Perhaps kids are far more interesting than adults? 😉

Hope I will be consistent in my writing so that years from now I could see whether I have keep on improving myself or not. InsyaAllah.


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