this month of MAY

Hey hey…

A lot of things happened in this month of May…

Hubby’s birthday – The whole family went out to celebrate and then we watched SUMO-LAH for midnite and NEXT the next morning. Both movies are entertaining, recommended to watch.

Celebrated our 2nd anniversary. Is it 2nd? Does not feel like it. Rasa macam baru kahwin jer;). Shopped almost everywhere in KL till my legs were sore the next day haha…cayanggg hubby.

We lose the F.A Cup to Chelsea. Very boring game, don’t think it will be an F.A Classic.

Sent my MIL to Umrah. She’ll be back soon.

Liverpool lose to Milan. Nevertheless, it was a very good game. Salute to both sides. No more football now until July, is it? Boring…

Finished re-run of 1st season Prison Break. Don’t have time yet to start on the 2nd season.

My colleague resigned as she got a better opportunity outside. Consequently this makes me very tight up with work; I went to bed straight almost every night. Lucky I love my job.

Planning for a road trip with hubby to Perak end of this month. Yeayyy!!!

Receive something very nice (quite unexpectedly), alhamdulilah…Thanks to Allah.

 Going to watch Pirates and Shrek soon. Wah banyaknye cerita, memang bulan May nie best!!!

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