my life path

Feel the summer-y mood hence I thought of changing the layout. Here are me and hubby relaxing by the beach, haha…

After a very busy schedule this month, I’m a bit free today hence I took time to surf my own journal. (takde kerja ke kawan?) haha…Well, it’s actually a good thing to do this once in a while.

Through this journal, I can see myself transform; in terms of the way you think and what you do in life. It is some kind of an illustration of my life path; me transforming from being a TEENAGER to an ADULT, from being a GIRLFRIEND to a WIFE, and from being a STUDENT to a CAREER WOMAN.

I managed to capture into writing some happiness around my life. There were birthday celebrations, weddings, gathering, but there were sadness i.e failure, bickering and funerals.

It’s a bit funny to read about my crazy and rebellious teenager’s life. i.e screaming like crazy for stars like BSB, Tom Cruise, Too Phat, even Vin Diesel? *uggghh*. That feels weird now. Guess I’m turning adult now? Haha.

But there are still a lot of things in my life remains unchanged, such as the fact that I keep on missing my hubby (my then boyfriend) especially if I can’t talk to him for one whole day! Then there is the fact that I love ice-cream, love watching movies and sports, shopping, and how I adore kids.

There was this part in my student’s life where I have to stay up to study and finished my home-works. There was also my enjoyment in writing papers for assignment purposes. Then there were QUIZZES and EXAMS!!! Tons of it! pressured I was during that time, only God knows. I still remembered my actuarial quiz will fall on Friday, which sucks coz Thursday nite is not a study-nite in Madison. People actually begin to party that nite.

I realised I wrote a lot about my Preschool, the kindergarten I worked part-time during college, but very seldom write much about my current workplace. Hmm..why is that, I wonder. Perhaps kids are far more interesting than adults? 😉

Hope I will be consistent in my writing so that years from now I could see whether I have keep on improving myself or not. InsyaAllah.


this month of MAY

Hey hey…

A lot of things happened in this month of May…

Hubby’s birthday – The whole family went out to celebrate and then we watched SUMO-LAH for midnite and NEXT the next morning. Both movies are entertaining, recommended to watch.

Celebrated our 2nd anniversary. Is it 2nd? Does not feel like it. Rasa macam baru kahwin jer;). Shopped almost everywhere in KL till my legs were sore the next day haha…cayanggg hubby.

We lose the F.A Cup to Chelsea. Very boring game, don’t think it will be an F.A Classic.

Sent my MIL to Umrah. She’ll be back soon.

Liverpool lose to Milan. Nevertheless, it was a very good game. Salute to both sides. No more football now until July, is it? Boring…

Finished re-run of 1st season Prison Break. Don’t have time yet to start on the 2nd season.

My colleague resigned as she got a better opportunity outside. Consequently this makes me very tight up with work; I went to bed straight almost every night. Lucky I love my job.

Planning for a road trip with hubby to Perak end of this month. Yeayyy!!!

Receive something very nice (quite unexpectedly), alhamdulilah…Thanks to Allah.

 Going to watch Pirates and Shrek soon. Wah banyaknye cerita, memang bulan May nie best!!!


It was such a thrilling night watching Blues playing against Gunners yesterday. Although I wanted Gunners to win for the sake of Man U, I can’t help admiring Blues’s determination and drive to win. Joe Cole and Terry were almost everywhere try to concede a goal. For the first time I see the greatness in Blues. Lucky to the Devils, Drogba is not around otherwise I think the race is still on. Anyway, Gunners sucks. They can’t even win with extra one man. Too bad.

 Well, whatever it is my greatest team has finally won the Premiership crown!!! A big shoutout to all the MU team and fans!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

I followed loyally through the tail-end premiership games to ensure we secure the title. It was agonizing though. For instance there’s one weekend where we only manage to draw with Middlesbrough. The next day, I was watching in pain to see Blues closing the title gap when they visited Newscastle. Lucky for Man U, the former Devil, Newcastle played at their top form which makes me out of nowhere supporting Butt again (flashback of me pinning Nicky Butt’s poster at my locker in 1995).

 Again I had a heart-ache when we visited Goodison Park to see Everton. It was very tense to open the ESPN channel watching we were behind 0-1 while Chelsea is leading on the other channel. The start of 2nd half did not help when we concede another goal. But I’m glad to see the team’s perseverance to remain calm and keep on attacking, we managed to won 4-2. Who is that Eagle bloke? And Thank God another ex Devil, Phil Neville conceding Everton’s own goal. We did not really need that own goal to win, but I have to admit that was some sort of turning point for us.

 The Derby was a bit frustrating. We did not play up to our level. Rooney and Ronaldo can’t even hold the ball longer than 20 seconds. I bet there were still tired legs coming back from San Siro. Lucky we got through, having Van Der Sar as our hero that saved the day. And last night we secure the premiership title!!!! Glory glory!!!

 The rest of the premiership will be quite hard, to have Chelsea and newly born West Ham as the remaining games left. And I’m sure Chelsea will fight hard to get the F.A Cup as well. But what matters today is that we’ve won the premiership :).

 *Hail to Milan to book a place to Athens. It was frustrating to see Man U bow to their pace, but best man win. Really admire Gattuso’s drive and skills that night. Goodluck to both Milan and Liverpool. May the best man win.

really vomitted…

It’s so funny to read my last entry about vomiting. Coz last weekend I literally vomited through the whole night because of food poisoning. I felt that all my stomach’s content was out; including the last sip of fresh orange I drank that night. It was so disgusting. Ugghh…

However, I do feel relief now. Thank God. I can’t even remember the problems that I was babbling about in the last entry :).

I had a good birthday. Thank you everyone for the wish. Especially thanks to my abg chik for everything! Love ya!

Hoping to be a more matured person now that I’ve entered the second quarter of a decade…