I feel I’m going to vomit. There’s so much things I’m facing right now. All of it sounds so stupid to even be told to anybody hence I rather keep it to myself. Did you ever feel something like this?


on one evening…

On one normal evening…

Hubby called, ready to pick me up from work.

The clock showed 7.00pm. Shut down my pc.

Hubby already waited downstairs.

Going through the normal KL traffic jam.

Reached home and open the bedroom door.

A bouquet of roses on the bed. Hey, flowers for me!!! [ It has to be for me rite coz it’s in my bedroom:) ]

Go gave my munchkin 3 x BIG HUG.

Take my bath and followed him to mosque for Isya’.

What a perfect evening. Thank you Allah.

Magnificent Red Devils

I set my alarm at 3.00am and 3.10 am. Heard the alarm and open my eyes. But I’m so comfy I can’t move coz hubby set the air-cond to the lowest possible temperature and has his hands wrapped around me. What a very cozy moments. My brain is calculating whether I should wake up and not regretting to let go my sleep hours. But then hubby sat up. Okay, that’s solve it! I’m waking up too! Can’t let him boo my team!

With my eyes still half open, I dragged my blanket to the hall. Hubby already turned on the ESPN channel. Lying down in front of the tv, I saw the score is 1-0. Yes!! Hopefully it remains that way for 90 minutes coz that’s the only goal that I need.

But a minute later… GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hubby is unhappy now.
He went in to get more pillows.

Hey, another GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Okay, now my eyes are wide open!


Magnificent 7 goals. Totally worth it:).

Good luck in the semi…