flow of my thoughts…

It was not frequent I have a free time on weekday afternoon like today. Thus I’m just going to let my mind flow and indulged in the writing for a moment.

Since the start of this year, given a new job scope from my boss, I spend my afternoon reading, researching and analyzing. The other days which I have to take leave (need to clear up last-year-carried forward leave), I spend my leisure time at home doing laundry or watching dvds as we do not have streamyx yet. Not just yet. Perhaps in the future. *wink wink*.

For now, I’m outsourcing our Philips dvd player as the entertainer in the house. So far, it has played various kinds of movies. There are tv series like Gilmore Girls, CSI Miami, Prison Break and Heroes. Some latest movies like Blood Diamond and The Holiday, and good old movies like The LOTR Trilogy, Braveheart, Con Air, The Patriot, Saving Private Ryan, The Net and IT (awful clown that scarred me when I was still so young). We have started this new hobby to collect good old movies. Well, maybe not that good to critics but good + memorable to us.

Right now, I’m waiting for A Pursuit to Happyness and Mukhsin to come out.

Congratulations to Yasmin Ahmad for winning two awards at Berlin Film Festival. After a lot of negative criticism, Yasmin has over and over again proves she has what it takes to put Malaysia in the international film industry. Amazing huh. But that is the harsh reality in the real world.

It is irony that some people really hate other people’s success, and when jealousy is beyond control, stupidity then will emerge. Too bad. But it’s a wonder that quite a lot will get influence by these stupid people.

Well, I believe the real world is like a wheel. So anything that comes up will come down eventually. We just don’t know when exactly. Some people’s wheels are bigger, I suppose.

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