2nd day @ Siem Reap

Thanks to Nany for making me realise that I did not continue my Cambodia story. I should have jotted down all the things while I’m there so I won’t forget any great details after few months (like now). Well, next holiday round I’ll do just that.

Okay, here you go…

The 2nd day, we start our 1st day tour in Angkor Wat City. There were many temples/historical buildings to visit, each with its own story. Among it were Ta Prohm, which was hubby’s favorite. Unlike most of the other Angkor temples, Ta Prohm has been left in much the same condition in which it was found:-the photogenic and atmospheric combination of trees growing out of the ruins and the jungle surroundings.

We had our lunch (again, own-made tuna sandwich) while enjoying the windy day at the foot of Chau Say Tevoda temple. We headed to Angkor Wat next. The first view when you entered Angkor Wat entrance was absolutely magnificent and breathtaking. We took our time strolling inside the place as our tuk tuk will only come back 3 hours later. The temple as well as the outer garden was well-maintained. I was reluctant to climb to the top of the temple (as it is very high, very steep and I’m a little bit gayat), but finally do so following hubby’s encouragement. However, once on the top, I did not dare to even look down! To climb down the steps was even harder but I made it, yeayy!!!

We finished around 2.00pm. We were very tired due to the hot weather. While resting and eating juicy pineapple at the Angkor Wat entrance, a local lady tried to sell us some kind of fried meat. We did not know what is it actually as the lady can’t speak English, but the feet looks like a rat of some kind. Ugghh…

On the 3rd day, we visited Banteay Srei and Banteay Samrei. These temples located in Angkor Wat City, but further up north. It took us around 1 hour to reach there. Although located further from others, it is popular with tourists due to its elaborate and deeply carved decoration. We met the Malaysian guys (that were in the same plane with us) there busy taking pictures. You can check out one of the guy’s site, a lot of awesome pictures there:- http://www.flickr.com/photos/azlijamil01/

We spent our extra time in the afternoon shopping around town, which is only 15 minutes walk from the guesthouse. Siem Reap is famous with its table cloth, but I didn’t buy any as I don’t need any :). We bought a few souvenirs for relatives and for ourselves. It was interesting to discover that sellers and hawkers are hostile and not pushy at all. They even recommend their next door stall if what we wanted is not available (which is a bit different with other Asia Countries).

I was very impressed with the children, trying to sell drinks/food to the tourists. They spoke fluent English and very adorable. No wonder Angelina Jolie adopted one.

 To be continued…


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