Trip to Siem Reap Day 1

My last writing was after Hari Raya! Can’t believe it. I actually have many things to write. Riding the monorail everyday, I think about lot of things to jot down, time is the only thing I don’t have.

Well, now that I have 10 minutes free time to spare, the best story to tell is about my trip with hubby to Cambodia. It was actually our first DIY (do it yourself) journey. We booked the AirAsia ticket 2 months earlier, but decided not to book any hotel. Just go there and try to DIY with the help of lonely planet book. (transpired by my friend’s idea and watching explorace).

Our adventure started on the departure date itself coz we woke up late and might miss the flight. Hubby drove above the speed limit to make it on time to LCCT. As it was our first time at LCCT, I was running here and there to look for money changer counter. Lucky the flight was delayed so we manage to get on the plane:).

However, I started to get nervous when the plane take off coz Cambodia is not like Indonesia where ppl understand malay language. What if we can’t find place to stay? What if we can’t find food to eat? Etc etc…I studied the lonely planet book over and over again to ensure we won’t caught any surprises. But since hubby is there, I do feel safe.

Once arrived, we secured two motorbikes to bring us to town. The driver brought us to a few guesthouses. We chose the third guesthouse as it is cheap (USD5 per night), clean, and inclusive of free internet! I was surprised Khmer (Cambodian) are very courtesy and hostility towards tourists. They were super-nice and speak English fluently, which makes us feel so comfortable.

After relaxing at our room and eat our lunch (own made tuna sandwich), we went to Angkor City. The entrance is USD40 per person for 3 days. Our tourist guide brought us to the hill of Phnom Bakheng to watch the sunset, which apparently is a favorite spot amongst the tourist. We climbed the hill which took about 15 minutes. Quite tiring, tapi tengok pelancong2 yg dah agak berumur pun semangat panjat kan..takkan lah kita yang umur 20-an nie tak larat;)

We reached top of the hill just before sunset (around 5.00pm local time). It’s crowded with tourists, but we manage to find a spot to sit and watched the sunset. We are surrounded by noisy German guys. Still, it is a breathtaking view & romantic as well;). One of the great opportunity you shouldn’t miss once reached Siem Reap.
To be continued…


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