Selamat Hari Raya 2006

Selamat Hari Raya & Maaf Zahir Batin!!

I have a wonderful hari raya cum holiday in Kelantan. Thanks a bunch to my sister and her family for being a great host. Pity my other sister can’t join us this year, but you can’t have the best of the both worlds, perhaps.

I ate a lot!!! Especially under the influence of those still-growing nephews, I can’t fight the resistant of the delicious nasi beriyani, nasi dagang, rendang, ketupat and sate.

Well, me and hubby encountered an unforgetful experience this raya. We saw a very big daddy elephant on the side of the Timur-Barat highway, very very close to our car. It’s just like on a safari ride!

Thank you to Leo Burnett’s team (Yasmin and co) for once again producing a short yet touching Petronas advertisements. It’s a friendly reminder to Malaysian on love and care and how to live together in a community.

On a different story, I do admire Tengku Azizah of Pahang on her TAFF. Rich people always involve on charity but this one is based on her own experiences, which make it more significant as she can relates her courage, struggle and frustration with the community.

Got to go. See Ya!


Ramadhan is leaving us…

Aidilfitri will come in less than 15 days. Every year during this time of the month, lesser people went to masjid for tarawih compared to the first 15 days. Everyone have their own valid reasons, including me. Knowing lailatulqadar is predicted during this period, I try hard to avoid this. I try to wake up early and recite more verse of quran, but usually fail.

Are we too confident that we will live to face the next ramadhan?

Are we too arrogant to wake up at night to praise and be grateful to Allah?

Aren’t we shameful that we do not take full advantage – the absence of devil in this month?

I have to admit I am all the statement above, in conclusion never appreciate fully holy month of Ramadhan.

I still have around 10 more days…hopefully will be use in a more fruitful manner. Hopefully.