made up week

I feel like this week was a made-up week. I witnessed two couples that break up finally hugged and made up. They used to fight and betrayed each other. They hurt each other feelings and I witnessed their tears and sadness. Being the third party, I was there only as a listener. I listened and uttered ‘yeah’ and ‘eemmm’ now and then.

But this week they made up. It is amazing how people can easily forgive and forget. Well, it might be because of this Ramadhan month. All around, people start asking forgiveness from each other, which is good. But they also take the risk of making themselves vulnerable once again.

Aren’t you afraid that vulnerable feeling?

Happy fasting to everyone. I am hoping to break fast everyday with my family this year, semoga menjadi kenyataan. Kalau ada streamyx kat rumah kan senang, boleh buat kerja dari rumah ek;)