precious TIME

My life has been very busy lately, I did not even have time to take a break and jotted in here.

It was during that busy moment I discovered the word “work- stressed”.  

All this while, I love my job so much. I did not feel stressed at all with the workload and can’t get enough of it. (which is very different with study time, where stressed is a norm especially when exam drew nearer *sigh*).  

However last month STRESSED emerged for the first time in my life as a career woman. I was at the busiest point in my work-cycle. Stayed back very late at night and brought the incomplete work home. And suddenly I realised I did not have enough TIME.

I need TIME to take care of my husband (which was sick at that time).
I need TIME to visit my relative (whose husband passed away).
I need TIME to attend my friend’s wedding.
I need TIME to meet client’s tight deadline.

And that’s when the STRESSED finally kick in. One night I finally break down and cried. Thank God hubby is there to hug me. And now I realize that when people are stressed with their job, it does not necessarily mean they hate their jobs.

Which in my case, job clash with TIME, which also meant it clashes with the very important people in my life.

Fortunately I’ve managed to juggle up everything in the best possible manner.

Lucky for me, I have a very understanding husband and a reasonable boss. But remember, never take them for guaranteed!!!.