penalty shootouts – an emotional shredder


Q-FINALS that I watched…

Germany vs Argentina
Some people say this game should be a final match for this year World Cup. (or at least semi). It is the host vs one of the strongest team. How unfortunate only one of the team can go to semi.

The game was very intense. I supported Germany whereas hubby is die-hard Argen. From the first half, we could see Deutsche rather nervous with Argen attacking style. Only later Germany picked up and leveled the game. Fans began to believe Argen going to semi when they lead for 80 minutes. I guess including Pekerman believes that, as he substituted Riquelme and Crespo with more defensive players. But Klose header confirmed that they are going to extra time. A lot of tired legs at 120 minutes (i.e Ballack can’t even chase the ball), which bring them to penalty shootouts.

The penalty shootouts confirmed Germany going to semi. It was an emotional moment to Argen. What a pity as Argen was a strong team. Penalty shootouts was the worst way to exit, be it to the players or fans. I’m glad Germany went through. Well, hubby can’t talk for more than 12 hours though. 
England vs Portugal
I supported England, but based on previous performances I don’t really have high hopes on them. However it was a surprise that Portugal still can’t score even though England was reduced to 10 men. Looks like when they were one man short, England finally found their inner strength and work together as a team. Terry and Ferdinand partnership successfully stop any potential attack from the Portuguese. Still, Lampard failed to convert shots to goal, including the penalty. Not sure why he is so under-performed. We’ll see how he plays in Chelsea this coming season. Maybe Sven should subs him instead of Cole. On the other hand, Hargreaves and Lennon proved they deserved a place in the final WC.

The penalty was another emotional shredder. It’s a pity both Lampard and Stevie G missed it. And looks like all England fans will hate Ronaldo after the match. I am not sure whether he should be blame on Rooney’s red card, but his arrogant face was enough to make the English hate him.

Well, penalty shootout was the worst way to exit such important matches. But in my opinion, when teams reach that stage, both teams are equally strong. And they just need an extra luck to win. Such an emotional exit to the fans…