the eight contenders

Knock out stage that I managed to watch…. 

Germany – Sweden: Germany was really amazing. They were everywhere, Sweden can hardly move. I adore Lahm. He is small, but a fast-pace winger with style. Klose is gorgeous! I also love Klinsmann. He expresses his emotion while on the bench, unlike some other cold-hearted coaches.

Argentina – Mexico: Mexico is no easy meat! Ingatkan Mexico boley kena goreng dgn Argen (mcm Sweden tadik), meleset rupanya sangkaan ku. They are very good in defending, looks like they have study how Argentina plays. But still the best man wins, congrats Argentina!

England – Ecuador: I am so ashamed watching England played. It’s amazing how each of them excel individually in their clubs, but sucks that night. Come on guys…Lampard, Terry, Beck, Gerrard…All are fantastic players! But that night they are really really bad. They are not passionate to win (except Ashley Cole I guess), there are no playmaker amongst them and lack of synergy. They are just lucky to meet Ecuador. Kalau kena lawan dengan Mexico ntah ntah boleh kalah. Beckham long-overdue free kick saved the day.

Italy – Australia: Italy has the experience, Socceroos has the eagerness to win. Some might feel it was a questionable penalty. Still, Totti – Son of Roma perfect penalty make them the final eight! I’m glad!!!

Spain – France: I was so sad to see Spain lose. Really really want them to win. Love them!!! Puyol is a great defender and Torres is amazing! They were just unfortunate last night….sob sob…

Looks like all the eight contenders are in the Q-finals except Netherland (replaced by Ukraine). Although I’m an England fan, I feel like Spain deserves the spot more. Nak buat macamana, dah lumrah…harap harap France kena bantai dgn Brazil!


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