WC fever…..after 10 days…

It has been 10 days since World Cup started. This was actually the very first time I can watch all the games that I wanted. I was in States in 2002, and they never appreciate football like the rest of the world (means less airtime, no highlights). I only managed to watch the first kick off game between France and Senegal, which sucks btw. Lucky then I went back Malaysia for holiday and managed to watch the final at KLCC (with my dear boyfriend…hehe).

1998 was my SPM year. We were in the residential school then and the wardens took our television away. The rest was history. I did not even watch the final! But I guess now I can see that what the wardens did has benefited us academically :).

So this year I am actually all-out for the games. So far it was really fun, especially when hubby also loves football. Our living room has become our bedroom now. All the teams are impressive; sometimes I became ‘jakun’ watching their skills. I did not watch all matches though, only a reasonable amount so that I can still manage to wake up and be productive at work as normal. If this WC fever ever affects my job and my life, it has to stop. It is dangerous once interest become addiction. Need to remember that.

Anyway, my two cents on some of the games I watched:-

The first kick off game Germany – Costa Rica was fantastic. Germany is one of my favorite team, and hopefully they can reach final. A good start to inspire all other teams.

England – Paraguay was boring. I am rooting for England, really disappointed with their performance. They can’t even score!

Argentina – Ivory Coast. First time I saw Ivory Coast played. They are really fit physically! It was unfortunate that they are in the group of death.

Italy – Ghana. Italians was very impressive, compared to the 2002 WC. Very tactical. Hope they go far, want to see they play again!

Australia – Japan. It was a disappointing 10 minutes at the end. Australia quite good, Japan might be underestimating them earlier.

Korea – Togo. I love Korea! It is a disadvantage that they are physically small, but they give 100% to the game! Ahn Jung Wan free kick was a good one!

Spaine – Ukraine. I love how those Spanish played! Ukraine can’t even do anything. And it was amazing how audience love Raul. It was hard to be a great player, but it was even harder to be a player that everyone’s love.

England – Trinidad. I have to sit down straight while watching this. Wanting to go inside the television and slapped Crouch! Lucky Sven changes some player later. Who is that Lennon, quite impressive.

Italy – USA. Wowww…this was like a war. (I don’t know what will happen if USA in the same Group with Iran). Italy was not at their best. Underestimating their opponent, perhaps. Hope they don’t slack the next game.

Czech – Ghana. Ghana was really strong! Although lack tactical skill, it was still a big advantage to be physically fit and tough if use wisely. They prove the world they can do it.

Japan – Croatia. Another disappointing match. Looks like Japan is over-rated. I have not seen any greatness from them, yet. It will be hard as the match left is with the samba team.

Spain – Tunisia. I feel really worried when Spain was behind and seems to lose their rhythm. A lot of passes missed. But they did not give up. That was amazing. To not give up is something other teams can’t do. Hope Spain reaches far this year.


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