2006 is a great year. It is a World Cup year. Undeniably, an event that will affect many people across the world (not so much the Americans, perhaps).

am a football chick. A red devil to be exact (and for the hundredth times, this is never about beckham. Cantona, maybe). I was a die-hard fan in high school. I saved money to buy MUFC magazines. We were scolded by wardens coz of the noise in the late nights. Good old days… 

Few years passed by. I missed a lot of matches while in States. ESPN and other sports channels there never show a single football show. You have to subscribe a special channel to watch matches. But there’s none extra highlights whatsoever.

As a red devil, it is very ironic that I am married to a Reds fan. A very die hard Reds fan. Well, love is blind I guess 😉.

However, since we got married, I started to watch more football. I even watch Reds matches. Sincerely, I do feel a little weird. Hahaha…But luckily as a lady, Gerrard is so cute and is at his best performance, so at least I can watch him 🙂.

As EPL is the only league I truly followed, it is normal for me to root for England whenever there’s such competition back then. Again through my love relationship, I’ve started to learn the existence of other countries’ teams as well. This was also the starting point for me to support Germany during the last World Cup.

Four years has passed by. The winner last round, Brazil has become stronger throughout these years. Some people say they are unbeatable.  

So instead of asking the normal World Cup question “Which team you support?” it changes to “Which team you support besides Brazil this year?”

Hubby definitely rooting for Argentina. I am still not sure, especially when Rooney is still injured. Still have 24 days to think through.

What about you, what’s your choice?


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