April Fun

I could say life has been great in this April month.

I managed to spend a lot of times with my beloved family. Watched a few good movies with hubby, went to the Disney on Ice with the little ones, and eat lunches and dinner with the older ones 🙂.

Next, I had finally solved my difficulty in the office. Since the last two months, my career goals were distorted out of the original path. I was struggling to mend it and finally solve it last week. Thanks to the selfless helping hands that feed me ideas and encouragement. Now that I’m back on the right track, I promise I’ll work double hard to achieve my goals!!

I have also managed to squeeze some times with my great friends. Had a great barbeque potluck with college mates, went to Cleo Most Eligible Bachelor Party with and old friend (nope, we are not too old for that!), and kicking some futsal with officemates.

Other things are going great as well. I am moving to the intermediate level of my yoga class. My salary increment kicking up this month. I’ve finally changed this template:). Prison break is out at 8tv! Isn’t life just great?

And I’m really really grateful to Allah S.W.T for this great life. Thanks to hubby who taught me how to do sujud syukur.

I received a forwarded email from a friend giving a friendly reminder on this. The excerpt as follows. Take a minute to ponder on this…

Apakah dia Istidraj?

Ianya adalah pemberian nikmat Allah kepada manusia yang mana pemberian itu tidak diredhaiNya. Inilah yang dinamakan Istidraj. Rasullulah s.a.w. bersabda “Apabila kamu melihat bahawa Allah Taala memberikan nikmat kepada hambanya yang selalu membuat maksiat (durhaka), ketahuilah bahawa orang itu telah diistidrajkan oleh Allah SWT.” (Diriwayatkan oleh At-Tabrani, Ahmad dan Al-Baihaqi)

Bagaimana cara untuk menentukan nikmat yang diredhai Allah? Seseorang itu dapat menyedari hakikat yang sebenarnya tentang nikmat yang diterimanya itu ialah apabila dia bersyukur nikmatnya. Dia akan mengunakan pemberian ke jalan kebaikan dan sentiasa redha dan ikhlas mengabdikan diri kepada Allah. Maka segala limpah kurnia yang diperolehi itu adalah nikmat pemberian yang diredhai Allah. Bila tujuan hidup kita untuk mencari keredhaan Allah, niscaya selamatlah kita di dunia dan akhirat.

So we should avoid this ‘Istidraj’ from happening to us, rite. Okie dokie, have a great week ahead!


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