cinema cinema cinema

The last time I went to the cinema is for the Harry Potter sequel. I have not watch cinema in quite a long time for several reasons.

FIRST, coz now that we moved, KLCC is not 15 minutes away anymore=). SECOND, there are not many good movies lately. (when I say good, it means movies that I personally like). Although I do want to watch that geisha movie and narnia. I guess I missed it coz of the THIRD reason -> too busy lately!

Anyway, last night we went and watched Ice Age 2. It was entertaining! Well, my hubby and I have always like good cartoon movies. I am a big fan of Monster Inc, Lilo & Stich, Nemo, etc. I think such movies is great for kids, and for those adults that young at hearts=). There’s another cartoon movie coming out soon, hedgehog or sth like that..maybe I’ll go and watch that;)

Well, anyway, summer is coming so there are a few movies I’m rooting for. Gubra for one. Can’t wait for that! Especially when I heard Lembaga Penapis Filem does not cut any scene. Then there’s X-Men and M:Impossible sequel. Hope it won’t be disappointing. See you!

*So Randal is the 4th Apprentice. He is obviously a great choice as he is much more experience than Rebecca, and very charismatic compared to other contestants. But I do adore Rebecca coz she’s honest and very good-hearted (at least in tv). We hardly see a woman not bitching about her competitors in a reality tv-show. Really!


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