Human Angels

Sometimes it’s amazing how someone stops by in your journey of life, touch your heart and change your life in positive ways.

It was a few years ago my heart was touched by a 2 year old kid. He taught me among other things the meaning of love, innocence, and purity. Allah gave me one precious year to get to know this cute angel before I had to say goodbye.

Late last year I met another someone. She had inspired me towards career and life. I was grateful that now at the age mid-twenty (which I hope is not too late); I realized what is my target, my ambition and my potential. This time, Allah gave me only four precious months with her, but I am really grateful for that.

It’s amazing how these people helped me discover myself, my inner-strength. It’s not like they say something wise, give motivational talk, or anything like that. They simply are their own. They have indirectly affected my life, but not necessarily affect others.

Something like human angels, I suppose. I guess everyone have their own human angel throughout their journey in life…


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