An opposite gender as your roomate

I never thought of having a guy as my roommate. A few of my girlfriends experienced this during college*, and their stories did not encourage me to choose that path.  

Plus my own experience hanging out in guys’ dormitory does not support the idea of sharing a space with an opposite gender. For those who smokes, the whole room smell like smokes (including the clothes I wear whenever I was there), the kitchen utensils piling in the sink, all such things were under their beds including underwear, etc.

I am particular about privacy, space and territory. Hence it’s very important for me to choose my roommate. Back in college, I’m lucky to have roommates that were very understanding.

This year due to certain circumstances, I had to have a guy as a roommate. I was nervous that extra burden of cleaning the house and running the chores will fall on me. To make it worse, I’m not well-trained in house-work and never intend to do it on daily basis.

However, my assumption is wrong. Not all guys will mess your house. My roommate now loves doing housework. He does laundry and clean the house and I can happily cook. I’m so lucky to get such a hardworking guy as my roommate!

 *in U.S, roommate also could means housemate


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