puasa beb…

It has been one week we live at our new apartment. I really love it. It’s cozy; which by the way is very important to me:) , almost complete now with all the things that we need ( with the exception of washing machine for now), and the weather is usually windy which I really love!

Pepagi boley dgr bunyi ‘keletung keletung’ coz we hang this souvenir thing from Indonesia that we got as a wedding present from my junior. She went there during an internship in vet, I think so. Thanks girl!

Umat Islam mula berpuasa, sudah masuk hari ke 3. Nanti pejam celik pejam celik, sekejap je dah nak sebulan. Masa tu mula lah menyesal sbb tak gunakan bulan nie sepenuhnya. So before menyesal, mari lah kita sama sama fully-utilized segala keberkatan yg ada dlm bulan nie.

I’ve been cooking for dinner coz dpt blk kerja on time. Maybe I won’t be that lucky later coz things are getting busier at the office.

It’s actually the first time we break fast and sahur as husband and wife. It feels great, plus he is not particular in food. Apa apa pun makan, provided it’s related to either chicken, egg, or onions ;).

I love my kitchen. It is equipped by a nice kitchen cabinet, siap ada tpt khas utk letak dapur and fridge. Plus kitchen hood lagik. Menyenangkan kerja2 memasak ku:).

Okie, gue mau blk ampang. Bukak poser dgn mama pulak! Yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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