Among the people that I keep in touch with after I left States is my colleagues in the pre-school. Now it’s October, so one of them told me it’s time for them to think about their Halloween costume. How nice! Halloween celebration at the school is really fun, and I really enjoy it.

We will change the setting to everything “halloweeny”. There’s haunted house, pumpkin to carve (and to eat), and ghost apparels for make believe. Then we will set one day to go trick or treat around the campus. Every child will dress up.

I see a wide range of costumes every year. Boys will mainly focus on their heroes. There are power rangers (which a favorite choice among the Koreans kids), Harry Potter, fireman, or a famous quarterback. Girls’ choice of course will range from witches, little fairy girl, to never-a-lame-choice; cinderella.

And every year without fail, their candy bucket is full. (Who can resist giving candies to cute children?) I’ll give the whole packet if it was me ;).

For the college students, things are a little bit different. There’s no more trick or treat. But it’s a tradition every year in Madison during Halloween weekend where the famous State Street will be full with people.

It is so fun to see people’s creativity in costumes. There have normal witches, catwoman, draculas, etc. But there are also formula cards (such as E=MC^2), sperms, etc. Really fun!

Some people said as Halloween originated from christianity, we can’t actually celebrate them. In my personal opinion, it’s okay to just go and see what’s going on, thus give us more understanding in others culture. Kind of like here in Malaysia where we visit other races during their celebration, such as during CNY. Kind of like that. But that’s just my two cents.

Happy Halloween!

Selamat Berpuasa buat para muslim. Semoga ramadhan kali ini lebih bermakna…


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