after 2 weeks working…

Semalam dah tulis dah, tetiba hilang. Sabor jer la…

Well, let see…

My career path is going on very well so far. I love every inch of it. Ku panjatkan kesyukuran kepada Ilahi kerana memberi peluang sebegini. Akan ku gunakan sebaik baiknya, InsyaAllah.

Btw, thanx to my family and friends who have been supporting my decision throughout my one month unemployment;). Especially my abang laa yg tak jemu2 kasik semangat. And one of my friend (u know who u are) that helped me through financial difficulty. Cayang korang semua…muahssss!!!

Last weekend I went to my high school friend’s wedding. She got married with our senior. I think she’s the first who got married with senior. Congratulations gal! I’ve met a lot of my high school friends. It felt good to rekindle our friendship.

This Saturday we are moving to an apartment, located closer to hubby’s office. Coz rite now with the traffic, he takes more than an hour to reach home. Tak sampai hati betul tgk dia kepenatan…So we think moving is the right decision to do. It is a small apartment, but both of us fall in love with it at the first sight. Very nice and cozy. Sesuai sgt!

Okie dokie, masa utk kerja!


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