Selamat Menyambut Bulan Merdeka!

I have not written for so long! My only best reason is I seldom go online these days. The only time I hooked up the dialup connection is to check my email and surf jobstreet.

Well, anyway…Selamat Menyambut Kemerdekaan yg ke – 48.

Sempena cuti merdeka tempoh hari, kami meluangkan masa pergi ke Memorial Tunku Abdul Rahman di Jalan Dato Onn. The idea to go there came a few months ago, when Nany accidentally ‘sesat’ masuk dlm jalan tu. Hehe…

I am a little bit surprised but pleased to see the place is well-maintained. Other than some buttons that’s not working, everything else is in order.

Dewan pertama pameran dimulakan dgn segmen Tunku with the media. At first, I thought it was boring to read old newspapers. Tapi selepas baca 2-3 keratan, aku sedar betapa suratkhabar memainkan peranan penting dlm sejarah.

One of the most exciting pieces was the news in Malay Mail on 31st Aug 57. Then, there were articles about all the other important things, such as darurat, rundingan baling, konfrontasi Indonesia, pembentukan Malaysia, etc.

Honestly, I think the place stores more history value compare to our National Museum itself. Coz we spend almost 3 hours to finish up the tour.

Okie dokie, I have to get back to my job search. Hoping to get one soon, coz I’m getting pretty broke already😉.


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