Desperate Housewives

Before I get married, I am very sure that I will not change and become a typical housewife in local drama movies. I never felt a liking towards things like pinggan mangkuk, tupperwares and cutlery and don’t think that I will ever be. I never have this dream to go to China to shop for curtains and table clothes. I will not be busy decorating my garden (if I have one) to compete with my next door neighbor like in the Desperate Housewives soaps.

And so far, I’ve been right. I rather talk about the ugly Carling Cup final rather than the new style for kitchen cabinet. I rather talk about how Dumbledore dies rather than about Nilai 3.

Hence, I am so surprised of myself when I am feeling conscious of how well I cook / sew / do other household jobs. I do feel worried whether my husband will like my cooking or not. I will feel bad if I do not iron his shirt properly. Amazingly I can get over-sensitive on this matter. This is weird, coz it’s not what I normally do and I truly know my husband love me just the way I am. Not through my delicious cooking or neat sewing (or he won’t marry me at the first place).

But I still can’t hide the consciousness, which I can’t justify rationally. Well, not to perform EXTREME-ly perfect like Bree

 Sounds silly but I guess that’s just nature of woman. You can’t understand them. You simply can’t. Just blame the hormone.


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