Desperate Housewives

Before I get married, I am very sure that I will not change and become a typical housewife in local drama movies. I never felt a liking towards things like pinggan mangkuk, tupperwares and cutlery and don’t think that I will ever be. I never have this dream to go to China to shop for curtains and table clothes. I will not be busy decorating my garden (if I have one) to compete with my next door neighbor like in the Desperate Housewives soaps.

And so far, I’ve been right. I rather talk about the ugly Carling Cup final rather than the new style for kitchen cabinet. I rather talk about how Dumbledore dies rather than about Nilai 3.

Hence, I am so surprised of myself when I am feeling conscious of how well I cook / sew / do other household jobs. I do feel worried whether my husband will like my cooking or not. I will feel bad if I do not iron his shirt properly. Amazingly I can get over-sensitive on this matter. This is weird, coz it’s not what I normally do and I truly know my husband love me just the way I am. Not through my delicious cooking or neat sewing (or he won’t marry me at the first place).

But I still can’t hide the consciousness, which I can’t justify rationally. Well, not to perform EXTREME-ly perfect like Bree

 Sounds silly but I guess that’s just nature of woman. You can’t understand them. You simply can’t. Just blame the hormone.

sempitnya waktu, besarnya cinta…

Last nite pergi KLCC, tgk Ungu Violet, and dating dgn Dian & Rizky!!!

Dlm paper tulis diorang datang TGV pukul 8pm. So mintak dkt hubby blk kerja cepat2. THANKS A LOT HUBBY!!! Sampai KLCC 7.45pm. Parking and terus lari naik elevator. Dah siap pakai sport shoes tu..hehe..

Sampai TGV tepat pukul 8pm. Lorr, diorang dah sampai dah!! Awal betul. Ramai betul orang kerumun. Nak tgk muka diorang confirm tak nampak sbb aku kan tak cukup tinggi 😉. So kena beratur mintak signature ( jadik dpt tgk face to face).

Aku menggunakan ‘kuasa’ badanku yg kecil molek utk menyelit nyelit sampai lah ke depan. Lepas tu lambai2 poskad dkt Azlee Senario bila dia tanya siapa blm dpt signature (Coz they only let in 10 ppl at a time).

Lps tu aku dgr dia sebut sth about MyTV3. Nany pun ckp kalau ada kad tv3 dpt masuk awal. Lorr!!! Iya ke..hubby kita kan ada. Dia mmg tak pay attention pun si azlee tu ckp apa. Anyway, dah tunjuk kad TV3 kat abg Azlee tu, dpt laa masuk terus. Untung abang kita ada kad tu yek😉

Btw, Dian cun abisss!!!! Rizky tu ok je lah. Mmg aku beria pun sbb nak tgk si Dian.

Cerita dia best, mmg power. Kalu banding dgn filem2 Malaysia lain, mmg yg nie lebih kreatif & artistik dlm menyampaikan mesej ~ “betapa sempitnya waktu, besarnya cinta”. Tapi kalau banding dgn Sepet, musti lah Sepet lagik best!!!!

Aku pun tak paham apesal org dok protes Sepet menang aritu. Ada ke bandingkan dgn PGL. Buat apa nak banding prestij atau tidak, janji best + berkualiti. Lantak lah apa orang nak kata, bagi aku Sepet mmg ada class!

P.S: Tak sabar nak tgk Gubra pulak!!!