my day is ruined, by magic…

There are two things happened this week. First, I’d quit my job. So right now I’m one of those unemployed ppl *sigh*. There are a few reasons why I resigned at the first place. Anyway, I felt good with the decision, well… other than the feeling that “I can’t shop like crazy” anymore:).

 Of course I’m looking for another job. A career I suppose. Hopefully I’ll get one soon.

The 2nd thing that took place is that I finished reading my 6th Harry Potter book. Well, for me the first part is a little bit boring. But after reading half of the book, it’s hard to put it down.

Well, I hate to admit that I’m full of tears when one of the important characters died. It’s like a dream, he shouldn’t have died. I keep on browsing towards the end of the book in case he wake up again ( by magical power whatsoever). But NO. He definitely died.

I hate the murderer so much! And I hate J.K Rowling too for doing that. Well, maybe it ought to happen since we are nearly at the end of the series. One more book to go, so it has to happen anyway. But why so soon!!! Ugghhh….ruined my day!


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